By: Valentina Pasquini

The C's are Back!

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    CONDITIONS!!! What did you think I was talking about? Let's be honest real estate professionals along with sellers have been spoiled for a long time. Offers have come in clean, sellers can have their pick of the litter or even turn down every offer knowing someone will pay what they want, and buyers have been left eating everyone's dust over, and over again. Wow did things ...Read More

By: Valentina Pasquini

Did Someone Say Market Correction?

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Maybe it's too soon to say but there may be a slight correction to what has been a very unbalanced housing market. It's no secret it's a sellers market, and has been for a while but is there a shift happening ? I'm sure our  Liberal government would love to take credit for it since their big announcement a few weeks ago but this is beyond the...Read More

By: Valentina Pasquini

Don't Hate On The New Agent

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I remember the first day of being a real estate professional, thinking the  phone was going to ring off the hook with everyone I knew looking to buy and sell real estate. Little did I realize no one would want to use my services. Looking back I realize the reason why I have succeeded is because although I was new to the business I had the motivation to do what I needed to build a great busine...Read More

By: Valentina Pasquini

Brantford Continues To Grow

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In 2016 the Brantford Real Estate Association reported that the average residential sale price for February was $300,393. The average price for February 2017 was an astounding $371,715! So what is causing the market to see this sharp increase? 1. First of all let's talk interest rates. Although we have seen a slight increase in rates, 1st mortgages are still pretty low. Buyers are still able t...Read More

By: Valentina Pasquini

Multiple Offers- 3 Step Process

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Gone are the days where you see a home, negotiate with a seller, and then you have your home conditionally while you obtain financing, and complete inspection. After about a week or two it's officially SOLD and you plan your move in about 90 days! In the current market homes are priced below market value to drum up interest while holding off offers for atleast 5 days. This resul...Read More

By: Valentina Pasquini


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